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Our Story


Our journey initiated back in 1998 with a team of dedicated individuals who shared a passion for travel; and with a typical office in the heart of Amman. We specialized in organizing and offering exclusive travel packages, handling regional elite clientele in the region including official state visits, handling top VIP holidays, and operating Hajj trips for individual and group VIP’s.


Since then, we are honored to have reached a level of serving some of Jordan’s bigger organizations such as The United Nations, Jordan Armed Forces, Jordan Olympic Committee, International Committee of the Red Cross, Microsoft, and the British Embassy through our head office, and 3 other branches within popular business districts in Amman.


Our vision as has always been seen through the eyes of our founder, of expanding into becoming the leader in the provision of comprehensive travel services is in line with our high regard for our region (The Levant, Turkey, Egypt, & The GCC), an area with great historic, cultural, & religious significance, let alone being the geographic heart of the world, with 14 capital cities, 45 major cities, of which 24 are on the sea, and 100 domestic & international airports; and which has a population of over 350 million.


Since the outset, our ambition has always been to become a globally-recognized, “one-stop-shop” and regional leader providing the highest-level of customized online and offline, inbound and outbound quality travel and tourism solutions to our B2B & B2C clients in the region and to worldwide passionate travelers.


In addition to our Amman office and planned offices in Riyadh, Istanbul, Dubai, Doha, Cairo and Singapore in the east among others, we have developed during the past 10 years, through a well-known tech development company, 4 diversified high-end travel and tourism platforms (business units), geared towards Saudi and the GCC on different dimensions that could cater to the continuing needs and lasting expectations of today’s discerning travelers, regardless of their location, language, age, interest, preference, behavior and budget.

Now, 25 years after our inception, we at TGH still pride ourselves in having the very same culture and values that have brought us to where we are today including unwavering customer orientation, unparalleled integrity, in-depth expertise, commitment to meeting and exceeding the wide-ranging customer needs and expectations, commitment to productivity, creativity and attention to details, commitment to high quality of product and service.

In addition, TGH is distinguished in being innovative in providing the highest-level of customized online “one-stop-shop solutions” with unique services and features for both B2B & B2C, which will enable us, along with our partners, to reach levels of success that are nothing short of market monopolization.

Our Brands



Travel One’s offline office is the foundation of success. This 20-year-old establishment has provided us with vast experience and a deep understanding of the travel industry.



Our gateway to the online world, is a B2C booking engine that spans the globe with its services, as well as a collection of carefully tailored, ready-made packages, and most important, the feature of designing your own travel package.


Our B2B booking engine is a unique and fun experience in the B2B world.  We are certain that you will not find a booking engine as efficient, effective and comprehensive to serve your travel needs.

B2B was created to reach and serve every worldwide tour operator with interest in our beautiful region (The Levant, Turkey, Egypt, & The GCC) and all it entails of worth-seeing and experiencing history, civilization, cultural variety, terrain, & beautiful weather.


B2C | B2B

The Umrah portal, which will be launched in the near future, will be our newest service, offering Umrah and Hajj packages and the ability to book your own flight, hotel, and to rent a car in Makkah and Al-Madina. 


Travel One Corp specializes in providing white-label websites for mid to large-sized corporations, which have frequent local and international staff travel

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