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Travel One Corp specializes in providing white-label websites for mid to large-sized corporations, which have frequent local and international staff travel (e.g.


A comprehensive one-stop booking platform for global travel-related services under a corporation’s own name that empowers corporations to do their own searching, booking, ticket issuance, & payment through a convenient & flexible credit facility.


On behalf of corporations, Travel One Corp negotiates deals and benefits with local & international suppliers, airlines, hotel chains, and other service providers immediately making them available on the corporate platform’s crawling system along with the 200+ global suppliers that are currently available.


Corporate staff and their families can both benefit from such a platform including deals and benefits.


The platform’s back office is very beneficial in its ability to query immediate travel statistical reports, which are a valuable tool to negotiate even better deals and benefits with the various service providers.


The platform has the ability to be integrated with a corporation’s finance & administration department software, which facilitates entitlement-based individual employee accounts including a points system for points which are redeemable for personal and family employee travels.


The platform can be used by a corporation’s staff anywhere the corporation has branches for travel from and to anywhere in the world.

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